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Boutique Video Production 

We are here to tell your story


Each film is a journey into a unique story,

whether it's about a small private business or a large public enterprise.

Each is a world of its own, with specific needs,

requiring individual treatment and creative thought. 

This is where 'The Set' comes in.

As a boutique, one-stop video production studio,

we know that the magic is in the details.

With us you will find a variety of video services for all your production needs.

With an accurate, professional and personal touch,

from creative concept to the very last note of the soundtrack.


Creating fresh, innovative and customized films

while providing a full production package from Pre to Post

Post Production

From creative concept through script, storyboard, production coordination
and budget planning

Professional video crew, cast, equipment and most importantly, good vibes - all that is needed for a great shooting day

The puzzle comes together in the editing room, with graphics, animation, soundtrack and narration, whatever your film requires

So, what do we do?
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